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The AceBackup archiving and backup functions help you to backup your confidential data at anytime.
A unique feature of AceBackup is the ability to store files on FTP servers, as well as on local storage devices.

Other highlights of AceBackup are:
- Easy to use interface.
- Storing and restoring files like in the Windows Explorer.
- AceBackup supports two project types: AceBackup archive and AceBackup backup.
- AceBackup archive data can be encrypted and stored on a FTP server.
- AceBackup backup allows to backup data regularly and ensures that your data is up to date.
- AceBackup implements several encryption algorithms to hold your data securely.
- The program supports a number of versions for storing and restoring files.
- You can easily restore files of an AceBackup project either in the original folder or in any other folder.
- Import project wizard and Verify project wizard.
- The scheduler allows to schedule certain tasks.

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