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The Killer!


With only 20 predefined rules, under your control, you can win the war against email terror.
The goal of The Killer! is to remove junk mail before you recieve them in your Inbox.
The Killer! is able to check an unlimited number of POP3 email boxes on one or more servers.
For IMAP4 or HTTP email box the Mapi Shield complete the strategy.
The Killer! allows to keep copies of deleted messages in a secure database (The Mailstore).
The Killer! is shipped with a list of spammers and , a dictionary of words (under your control).
You can add your own dictionary.
The Killer! can be run in simulation. Each POP3 account can be set with its own rules.
Each rule can be activated or paused, and for each rule you can ask for copying deleted message in the mailstore.
The Killer! is able to import the Windows Address book or any Mapi contact folder (such as the Outlook contact folder).
The Killer! is fully integrated with the Windows Task Scheduler and can be run as an NT Service to check periodically email boxes even when the user is not connected.
The Mapi Shield available in a separate package offers a last line of defence by filtering incoming messages using The Killer! rules setup.
The Killer! is able to import account from Outlook Express or Outlook. It comes with a Wizard to help new coming user.
The Killer! is able to destroy 99.99 % of unwanted emails (and even some days 100%).

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Publisher:RD Technologies
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