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1 Click Encrypt File Folder Encrypt


Click Encrypt is a powerful encryption utility that brings military strength encryption with just one click. The application operates in Windows 98, NT, and XP environment. It is very fast, comfortable and safe and also can encrypt any kind of file. It does not distinguish between types and treats all files as just a collection of bytes. It provides an option to destroy or preserve files after encryption. It encrypts single file, folder and entire directory trees. It provides an option to generate own cipher key to protect your most sensitive data. You can share your files and folders with your family and friends. Place information on a shared computer, in a shared folder or on a network without fear of the wrong person accessing the sensitive information. Send confidential information over the Internet even to people who dont have 1Click Encrypt. Save or archive sensitive information without any fear of tampering or compromise. Live updates ensure ongoing protection. 1 Click Encrypt automatically protects your documents. It can put many folders away from peeping eyes. It uses the most powerful encrypting algorithms existing. AES - the US Government standard symmetric encryption algorithm and Blowfish

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