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ChildSafe 3.0 is a computer monitoring utility that enables parents to watch as much or as little of their children''s computer and Internet activity as they see fit. The unique ''Block-On-Demand'' function enables parents to block access to specific web sites, which they deem inappropriate, offensive, or dangerous. ChildSafe 3.0 features support for the latest browsers and is simple to use.

ChildSafe 3.0 is designed to help parents keep their children safe from Internet predators by monitoring computer activity. Items monitored include keystrokes (including chat room dialogue), programs used and sites visited on the Internet. It also captures screen shots of what their children have been viewing.

The software can either run hidden or in an open mode making it ideal for use in situations where parents want to set up an online safety plan (see sidebar). When ChildSafe 3.0 runs in hidden mode, parents can observe their children''s computer activities without intimidating their children. When running in open mode, ChildSafe 3.0 will display a warning message informing children that they are being monitored.

The innovative features of ChildSafe 3.0 assist parents in ensuring that their children are ''Cyber Safe'' whether they are on the computer or the Internet.

*Check out Webroot''s Parent''s Online Safety Guide - a great resource for all parents who want to keep their children safe online.

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