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There''s no need for users to request the same content over and over when it can be cached. Unfortunately cache control for many developers is limited to using the META tag -- a technique that often works poorly for HTML files, and does nothing at all for the most cache-worthy items in a site, images! CacheRight for IIS puts the ability to set reliable caching policies for any site content in the hands of site developers. Developers who want full control over how caching happens no longer need access to IIS''s administrative interface; a simple configuration file in the website''s home directory lets them set up rules that control expiration times (and other import cache control information) by file location or type. With CacheRight, unchanging images like navigation bars, company logos and product shots can at last be cached correctly -- improving the user''s experience while dramatically reducing both bandwidth consumption and server load. CacheRight pays for itself, and starts saving you money, almost immediately. So don''t delay -- start caching right today! Features:
Promotes caching of binary objects such as images --
Dramatically reduces network chatter due to excessive conditional GET requests and 304 responses -- Frees up server resources -- Reduces overall bandwidth consumption --
Improves responsiveness (perceived speed) of most websites --
Puts developers in charge of the cache control policies that affect their content --
Requires no MMC access --
Keeps all cache control rules for a site together in a single text file --
Intuitive, easy-to-master rule statements --
Supports site-wide, directory or file-based caching rules --
Supports rules based on MIME type of requested object --
Provides validation tool for checking syntax of rule statements --
Supports all relevant HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 cache control headers including Expires, Cache-control: max-age, public/private and no-transform --
Online diagnostic tool for checking page cachability.

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