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Cookie Crusher


Cookies are electronic tags placed on your computer by Web sites. While cookies cannot place a virus or other threatening item onto your computer system, they can enhance Web site tracking abilities and allow advertisers and other marketing agencies to accumulate user profile data.

Cookie Crusher, an award-winning Internet cookie manager, works before your Web browser to give you complete control over the cookies which are accepted by and stored on your system. Besides giving you the ability to specify sites and cookies to automatically reject or accept, Cookie Crusher classifies each incoming cookie giving you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Cookie Crusher includes the following key features:

- Automatically and transparently accepts or rejects all or individual cookies from specified servers without user interaction.
- Classifies incoming cookies and labels their purpose using advertisement, site tracking and e-commerce designations. Exclusive Feature!
- Quick adding of servers and cookies to the €accept from,€ ''accept as session-only'' and €reject from€ lists for automated cookie handling. Permits wildcard use for added convenience.
- Cookies received from unspecified servers can be automatically accepted or rejected without user interaction based on classification or expiration date, or the user can be prompted for confirmation.
- Modifies cookies to make them session-only, allowing the user to access Web sites that require cookies without having them stored on the hard drive.
- Keeps a detailed list of the cookies accepted and rejected from all servers for the current session.
- Classifies all cookies already stored on the system and permits them to be viewed and deleted.
- Blocks referrer fields from being passed back and forth between Web sites

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Publisher:The Limit Software, Inc.
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