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DesktopKarma History Remover


DesktopKarma History Remover is a nifty application that€ll remove all traces of your Internet activity and other unwanted, potentially damaging information in seconds.

DesktopKarma removes all traces of activity generated by Adobe Acrobat, Getright, Google, ICQ, Internet Explorer, Kazaa, Windows, Opera and many other third-party applications.

DesktopKarma can either run according to a schedule or each time Windows starts up,leaving you free to focus on other tasks with the knowledge that your computer is automatically ridding itself of unwanted, system-clogging garbage. This will both enhance system performance, and free up wasted disk space.

DesktopKarma€s functionality can easily be extended by downloading and installing a constantly-updated collection of additional plugins via a one-click process. Plugins for the most commonly-used applications are available and countless others are currently being developed.

Additional features include the ability to overwrite files a considerable number of times
before deleting them, rendering them unrecoverable to even the most specialised
recovery tools.


Multiple file overwrites render files unrecoverable to even the most specialised
recovery tools.

Removes all traces of user activity from many third-party applications.

Enhances system performance by cleaning out files that do nothing but slow
down and clog your system.

Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files with one click.

One-click plugin update facility.

Scheduling capabilities.

Guaranteed spyware and adware free.

Evaluation: 30 day full feature evaluation.

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Publisher:Amazonian Frontier
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