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AiS AliveProxy server


AiS Alive Proxy is three programs in one:
1. The fast filtering proxy server.
2. The powerful multithreaded checker of proxies.
3. The tools for testing sites.

AiS AliveProxy as Proxy Server:
1. Sharing one Internet connection for all LAN users. Number of connected users is unlimited!
2. Blocking access to specified sites (URLs).
3. Redirecting specified URLs to other.
4 Setup of access to the proxy for specified IP addresses.
5. Modifying specified HTTP request variables.
6. Automatic change of proxy server for access.
7. Showing proxy activity.

AiS AliveProxy as Proxy Checker:
1. Fast multithreaded (up to 1000 threads) proxy check.
2. Cutting proxy server addresses from files and URLs.
3. Saving URL with proxy lists.
4. Saving proxy list to TXT, Excel, HTML, RTF.
5. Determination the following proxy server parameters:
name by IP;
type: anonymous, transparent, high anonymous;
number of hops;
socks5 support;
https support;
ftp support;

AiS AliveProxy as a Utility for Testing Sites
1. Multithreaded (up to 1000 threads) testing specified URL.
2. Testing sites via selected proxy servers.
3. Using POST and GET methods for testing.

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