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BrowseGate 2


BrowseGate2 is a very powerful, yet low cost high level Prox system designed to work in any network environment from the 2 PC Home network right through to the the largest business network.

It offers automatic on-demand Internet access to all network users via a single PC and can be used with modems, ISDN, ADSL, cable modems or other fixed connections. BrowseGate can be installed on any W95/98/ME/W2K or NT4 PC and does not require a dedicated machine for the smaller network installations. Under W2K and NT4 BrowseGate3 does of course run as a service.

BrowseGate 3 offers a full caching web proxy for HTTP and HTTPS and also a SOCKS5 proxy.

In addition to all the above, it offers has a powerful rules system, a Blacklist system for both web sites and user specified ''Words'' and a web site limiting system.

2 user BrowseGate2 (Lite) is totally FREE!
3 user BrowseGate2 is only $49
4 user BrowseGate2 is only $99
5 user BrowseGate2 starter system is only $165.
More users (in blocks of 5) can be added to the BrowseGate system at any time for a small incremental cost.

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Publisher:NetCPlus Internet Solutions,Inc
Review:Not Available

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