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Sophos PureMessage


Protecting your email servers and gateways against spam and viruses

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Sophos PureMessage and ActiveState
Sophos PureMessage is based upon a product by ActiveState, a company recently acquired by Sophos. More information (including details of pricing) will be available shortly.

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Sophos PureMessage is a comprehensive, flexible email management solution which enables companies to take greater control of their email traffic by protecting against spam and viruses. Additionally, it helps enforce your corporate email policy at the gateway.

No-one is in any doubt that spam and viruses pose a serious problem to all businesses connected to the internet, creating network downtime, loss of productivity, and endangering your companys data.

PureMessages industry-leading anti-spam technology safely identifies up to 98% of spam, resulting in inboxes free of unsolicited bulk emails. Flexible configuration options allow businesses to uniquely define their spam identification and handling policies (e.g. delete, quarantine, archive).

PureMessage also checks all email traffic passing through your email server, providing an extra layer of protection against mass-mailing worms and viruses. This means viruses can be stopped from entering your company at the gateway and spreading throughout your network.

PureMessages policy enforcement technology allows companies to tackle the problems of email misuse (such as confidentiality breaches, legal liability, lost productivity and damage to reputation).

Platforms supported
Linux on x86 (RedHat 6.0 or higher, or compatible distribution)
Sun Solaris on Sparc (2.6 or higher)
FreeBSD on x86 (4.1 or higher)
HP-UX on PA_RISC1.1 (11.0 or higher)
AIX on RISC (4.3.3 or higher)
If you use an operating system that PureMessage does not currently support, you may wish to try Sophos MailMonitor to protect your email servers and gateways against viruses. MailMonitor supports Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes/Domino and SMTP.

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