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Linux Encryption Downloads

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A BestCrypt volume is accessible as a regular filesystem on a correspondent mount point. The data stored on a BestCrypt volume is stored in the conta...

Blowcrypt is a file encryption utility based around the blowfish algorithm. It comes with a Tk front end but can also be used from the command line.

GnuPG.pm is a perl interface to the Gnu Privacy Guard. To communicate with gpg, this modules takes advantage of the shared memory coprocess interface...

MSCCrypto for Linux
MSCCrypto is COM component for Active Server Pages and stand-alone applications. It includes collection of the best encryption and hashing algorithms...

Secure Password Generator
Secure Password Generator generates random passwords of a variable length that you choose. It can also optionally generate passwords with case sensit...

Topsecret is a program to encrypt your sensitive files by using a Catalyst file as the encryption key.

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