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SecurityFocus ARIS Extractor


SecurityFocus ARIS Extractor is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) log analyzer and reporting system, integrated with the SecurityFocus ARIS web site (http://aris.securityfocus.com). It allows administrators to upload IDS log information to the SecurityFocus ARIS Web site, producing sophisticated reporting and research on attacks and events. By filtering out insignificant or benign data and converting it to a common (xml) format, ARIS extractor streamlines incident reporting for both security professionals and home users, allowing IDS operators to focus only on relevant attacks and incidents. The ARIS extractor and ARIS analyzer web site allow you to analyze and archive logged incidents, cross reference with the valuable SecurityFocus vulnerability database, lookup contact information for IP addresses and report incidents to appropriate authorities, generate personal statistics, reduce time spent parsing IDS logs, generate daily summaries, and more. All of this is done without revealing any information that could be used to determine your identity; the Extractor can be configured to obfuscate IP addresses, names, and other pertinent details, before submitting them to the ARIS Analyzer web site. ARIS Extractor supports Snort, Cisco Secure IDS, Dragon, NetProwler, RealSecure, BlackICE Defender and ICEPac. In addition to unix source code, statically linked Linux, OpenBSD, dynamically linked Solaris and Win32 Binary builds are available. See also ARIS Sensor; a Snort IDS bundled with ARIS Extractor, to get your Intrusion Detection System up and running on a new Linux installation.

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