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SignStation is an innovative application that lets you apply a digital signature to a file, verify the digital signature on a signed file, encrypt and decrypt files and manage certificates, among other functionalities like email, hash, and file management.

Using a two-ways approach interface, SignStation take care of office productivity with its classic mode -based on a file manager metaphor-, without forget the first time user with its wizard mode -that guides the user step by step-.

The application uses PKCS#15 certificates for sign and decrypt documents, and X.509 DER or CER certificates to encrypt files (demo certificates included).

SignStation is also a file manager: you can navigate between files and folders on your system, connect to a network path, delete, find and open files, also execute programs. Tips that you have learned using your system like drag and drop and right popup menus are also available on the classic interface. Operations that execute external programs are alerted to the user for its approval.

A smtp mailer is included to send mail directly from SignStation to your receipts and attach you files and public certificates in an easy way with all the ''must'' of the best-selling mailers, and the benefit of having its own mail engine that avoid you some viruses common attacks.

You can get free your own Personal Certificate (PKCS#15) created by C & A for evaluation proposes. Visit www.com-and.com for more info!!

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