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Agnitum Outpost Firewall PRO


Outpost Firewall Pro is an award-winning internet security solution providing a superior arsenal
of defense against all sorts of attacks on an Internet-connected computer. Firewall starts
protecting the host system immediately after it''s installed. The program detects and blocks hacker
attacks, guards the privacy of data stored on your computer, monitors network activity of your
system and applications, provides clean web surfing and prevents malware from activating on your
computer. Outpost places your computer in a stealth mode, making it invisible to hackers so that
they cannot verify your machine is present on a network and subsequently launch attacks on it. In
addition, the program allows the removal of annoying pop-up windows and prevents websites from
tracking where you surf. To ensure that you have the latest protection in place, Outpost Firewall
PRO is regularly updated via its dedicated update service. Multi-platform support.

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Publisher:Agnitum, Ltd.
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