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NetBoz Firewall 1.2


NetBoz is a burn-and-play network firewall, that boots from a CD-ROM and does not use a hard disk. You can make a firewall out of any old Pentium class PC with min. 64mb Ram. NetBoz provides a comprehensive browser based administration interface and all the settings are stored on a write-protectable floppy diskette, making it virtually immune to intrusions and power failures. NetBoz works over standard FreeBSD services and works with 2 or 3 network interfaces. It includes a DNS server, DHCP server and real time traffic monitoring. The file you are downloading is an ISO file - you need to have a CD burner and burn the ISO file on a CD before using it. A user manual and license key are available from the home page. We recommend to read the manual first for requirements regarding BIOS settings, network cards and others. This firewall will most likely not work for the average home user.

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