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MailRecon is email content control tool which helps to fight with leaking of confidential information in email messages. It works very similar to FBIs Carnivore program. It passively listens to network, captures email traffic, checks each message against set of rules, and saves suspicious messages. Compatible with all SMTP/POP3 software for any OS. Doesnt require any integration into current mailing system and can capture even messages which were sent bypassing your mailserver.

Captured messages are stored in Maildir, so its possible to read it with any mailreader such as Outlook for example or with browser via webmail (squirrelmail for example).

MailRecon makes possible:
- record all email traffic from your network to [email protected]
- capture employees emails to HR depts of other companies and to job agencies
- capture messages with information related to some project, if messages goes outside of group which works on this project.
- create group of confidential documents and capture messages with these documents attached
- record all email messages of new or untrusted employees
- alert if virus or trojan was downloaded via SMTP or POP3 from third-party mailserver
- count email bandwith consumption for each user

MailRecon has open plugins-driven architecture, so user with very basic programming skills easily can add new features himself. (even shell script can be used as plugin).

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