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32 ReverseCrypt


32 ReverseCrypt is the first and only professional security product that provides an absolute protection of any digital information on PCs. It allows you to protect the privacy of your sensitive files by encrypting them with the strongest symmetric 32767-byte key cryptographic algorithm Reverseway which is the most secure form of encryption available on the market today. This makes the sensitive data stored on your desktop and mobile computers really secure and unbreakable!

32 ReverseCrypt is easy-to-use and totally transparent for application programs which provides multiple repeated encryption, multiple lines key and high speed of encryption/decryption. The software allows you keep your private data in unbreakable encrypted form on the disk and provide you with the transparent access to it from any application program. For a greater safety the function of straight verification of the key identity is not built into the program. It is done so based on the principle, that if a key exists, it can be found. The program uses another safety method for control of identification which excludes the possibility of recovering a key. Using 32-ReverseCrypt you can be absolutely sure that nobody ever will have an access to your personal, commercial and confidential information.

Main features of 32 ReverseCrypt software and Reverseway algorithm:

- Encryption key sizes in range from 8 to 32767 bytes (32 KB) in length
- Multiple repeated encryption
- Multiple lines key
- Utilizes any type of files as a key
- Non built-in key verification
- Quick access to any application
- High speed of encryption/decryption
- Impossibility to detect the length of key
- Impossibility of decryption by methods of cryptanalysis
- Impossibility of decryption sorting out all the possible keys

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Publisher:Miraxus Microsystems, Ltd.
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