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BrowseGate 3


NAT/Proxy server and firewall

BrowseGate 3 is what is commonly known as a NAT server. (This stands for Network Address Translation) A NAT server typically allows virtually ALL and ANY connection types to pass through it in both directions, unless of course you have configured its powerful built in stealth firewall to block certain inbound or outbound ports on one or more of the available network cards in the machine on which BrowseGate 3 is installed.
BrowseGate 3 is installed on your gateway computer very easily, and by default it will automatically enable and provide your entire network with all of the services shown above.

Naturally enough, BrowseGate 3 does allow you to enable/disable any of these services very easily if you already have another application, such as an NT4 DNS or DHCP server already providing these services on your network.

The installation system will automatically install the correct files for your particular version of Windows. If you are installing BrowseGate 3 on an NT4 or W2000 system, BrowseGate 3 will automatically be run as a Service, but under Windows 95/98/ME it runs as a system tray program. In both cases it is started automatically for you whenever the PC is restarted.

**Price varies on amount of users. Lite version is free!

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Publisher:NetcPlus Internet Solutions
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