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Netatrack 2.0


Netatrack 2.0 is a cutting edge, solely internet-based, easy-to-use management software solution for the wireless industry. Netatrack integrates with all aspects of your wireless business in real time. NetaTrack 2.0 is integrated with innovative Commission Tracking, CSA/Residual, Inventory, Point-of–Sale, Store Management and Office Center systems and more. This application was specifically geared and developed for the wireless community by the wireless community.

The new technology of ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft. MicrosoftÂ’s visionary, Bill Gates has envisioned a whole new level of Internet use. The Internet will be used as a necessary tool towards streamlining the need for desktop computers. ASP.NET is how it will be accomplished. Netagenix is on the fore front of this new technology.
Why is Netatrack 2.0 the premier wireless software on the market? Because is was formulated and built by the Carriers Software Developers and Wireless Professionals from all aspects of the business! Our combined cellular experience is over 40 years and the developers are the best the carriers had! Because of our expertise, we understand that there was not one single software that does it all. Now there is, we built it!

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