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Interlink Networks Secure.XS Wireless LAN Security Software is the key to centralizing, controlling, and managing user access to wireless LAN (WLAN) networks. Secure.XS is the solution to manage user authentication, secure their connections, and control which resources they can access.

Secure.XS increases security and reduces administration costs of wireless LANs by providing a standards-based 802.1x security solution – fully compliant with the new Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) specification. Secure.XS secures the authentication and connection of wireless LAN users, making sure that only authorized users can connect to the network and that privacy will be maintained. It simplifies administration by eliminating the need to define security policies in each wireless access point.

Secure.XS was designed specifically for those seeking an easy to use solution to secure their WLAN networks from unauthorized users and intruders. It is available as a software solution that can be rapidly deployed and it is also distributed as a turn-key hardware appliance by Interlink NetworksÂ’ partners.

Secure.XS performs three vital functions for network access control, called AAA:

Authentication - Validates any remote or WLAN users username and password against a central database or directory to ensure the validity of that users credentials.
Authorization - For each user, Secure.XS provisions the appropriate policy such as IP address, session limit, or tunnel type, for what that user is authorized to do based on a wide range of criteria including point of access, time, and specific user or group credentials.
Accounting - Logs all remote and WLAN connections, including user names and connection duration, for use in tracking, auditing, or billing.

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