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AirDefense Guard


AirDefense Guard provides advanced intrusion detection for wireless LANs based on signature analysis, policy deviation, protocol assessment policy deviation and Statistically anomalous behavior. AirDefense is designed to accurately detect and respond to:
Identity theft
By stealing an authorized MAC address, an intruder has full access to the network. However, AirDefense tracks the digital “fingerprints” — vendor-specific characteristics and personal trademarks — of authorized users to identify intruders in the network.

Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks
AirDefense quickly recognizes the early signs and protocol abuses of a DoS attack that jams the airwaves and shuts down a wireless LAN.

Man-in-the-Middle attacks
By posing as an access point, intruders can force workstations to disassociate from authorized access points and route all traffic through the intruder. The intruder can then gain access to the network by posing as an authorized user and simultaneously operating on multiple channels. AirDefense detects man-in-the-middle attacks by ensuring that access points only operate on set channels and proper protocols are used.

With its patent-pending Multi-Dimensional Detection Engine, AirDefense analyzes threats to identify security breaches based on:

Signature analysis
Protocol analysis
Policy deviation
Statistically anomalous behavior.

AirDefense Guard responds to attacks with ActiveDefense technology, which interfaces with access points to disconnect the attackers connection to the WLAN.

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