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Border Gaurd Wireless


Border Guard Wireless applies proven Border Guard technology, such as Dynamic Attack Response™ and Intelligent Attack Profiling™ to the network traffic moving across your wireless LAN (WLAN). Through its exclusive Wireless Access Control Management™ technology, Wireless lets administrators easily and efficiently control individual device access, permitting access to internal networks, limiting access to the Internet only, or denying access entirely.

Border Guard Wireless allows wireless networks to achieve their true potential for improving connectivity and productivity within the enterprise. Traditionally, the inability to secure wireless access points has inhibited the adoption of wireless technology. Installed between your LAN and unsecured wireless gateways, Wireless terminates unauthorized connections in real time, prohibiting hackers from gaining wireless access to your network. It also alerts you when any wireless device connects to the network, letting you closely monitor and control all wireless activity.

With Border Guard Wireless, you can now provide secure wireless access to your employees and visitors. You no longer need to worry that these connections will compromise your network or provide a ready conduit for malicious attacks.

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